Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Show and Tell

(Vintage Jacket // T-shirt by Whistles // Vintage Denim Cut-Offs // Boots by Poetic License // Necklace by Kenneth Jay Lane // Vintage Ring)

Marissa over at Transpire to Inspire took these pics of Bambam a few weeks ago, and with nothing really to say about them (I gather by now that you've figured out that I like to yak..?) they got left in a lonely file.
Well, luckily for them, I now have THREE random points to make from these images:
1) I have a magpie that sits on my window ledge, staring in at this necklace hanging from my wall. I'm not kidding and I'm quite concerned he's going to attempt to make a break for it. He has already successfully stolen a light and shiny ashtray from my ledge so, clearly, he knows what he's doing. Actually, whilst we're on the topic of this necklace - I feel so much like a Town Mayor whenever I put it on, it makes me rock an important persons swagger. Very amusing to watch.
2) How exciting is it that it's almost time now to rock cut-offs bare legged? I quite literally spent almost everyday last summer in this particular pair, come rain or shine. As long as it's a muggy 16 degree C I'm happy and free in my shorts. I did wear a knee-length dress bare legged yesterday which was the first time this year my poor legs have been exposed to the world. The legs loved it, so did the world. Girls smiled at me for my braveness, boys smiled at me because they will always be perverts, old people smiled at me for my bare-legged youthfulness.
3) I am completely cuckoo for this peachy/coral colour of my vintage jackets at the moment. Having recently started a new job as a Style Consultant in Whistles I had to pick my uniform. Suffice to say, my uniform pickings were purely peach and coral shades due to my obsession. Meaning, the 3 days a week I head to work, I am having to rock double dessert shades. Everyone keeps banging on about double denim, but those in the know amongst us are aware that double pastels, double nudes and double 'dessert' colours are actually the way forward this season. Trust me. Who wants to look like a cowgirl when you could look like a candy stripper?


  1. I'd know those legs anywhere. Super colours! Quite so - who wants to look like a cowgirl?

  2. today is the 17th. No update! Disasterous!!!!

  3. Absolutely love the navy trunk in the last photo, am obsessed with trunks, want a room filled with them!!X

  4. This necklace is gorgeous- i love it!!
    Equally, i love that trunk!


  5. I like the bag! I love it!


  6. love your jacket

    and the necklace

    great blog


  7. I love the Jacket....its 'perfectly pink'! :)..

    Just came across your blog, really cool! thanks.

  8. Your trunk prop is cool, would be a nightmare to fill and carry I presume, but looks great with your outfit! :)

    I'm having a blog giveaway at the mo, please do check it out! xx

  9. such a cool outfit!

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