Sunday, 28 February 2010

London Fashion Week Round-Up

Yes, yes... I am a bad blogger. It is an unwritten rule that during fashion weeks you find time to frequently update with news and lust-worthy tips. I do apologise for my extended absence, but I've been having so much fun celebrating the end of my exams, friends birthdays and shiznizzing or assisting at a few fashion week events that my poor baby blog got rather neglected. To make myself feel better I have been reminding myself that you've all got the wonderful likes of Vogue, Style, Elle, a trillion other far more dedicated bloggers, and live streaming to keep you updated.

So.... LFW AW2010... What a week. Despite the almost constant rain, grey skies and wind, it was another corker. After the triumphant 25th Anniversary last season, the British Fashion Council and all involved ensured another top week. It's great to see London Fashion Week gain such critical acclaim and international recognition for our unique and vibrant offerings.

However, whilst it's the unique and vibrant collections that we've gained such a reputation for, it was the sleeker, more classic ones that really took my fancy this season. Out of the dozens of designers and hundreds of looked that showed, the ones I'm most lusting after are the subtle and wearable offerings of Maria Grachvogel, Pringle and Future Classics.

Mmmmmm... yummy stuff....

Maria Grachvogel

Pringle of Scotland

Future Classics

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Maxi Skirts for Mini People

This particular article over at Fashion156 inspired me this morning to forgo my standard skinny jeans or leggings, and instead whack out my bias cut silk maxi-skirt for a change. Isn't it refreshing to break free from a style force of habit? It has been lovely floating around all day, feeling somewhat more free.
Note to self - must wear more maxi skirts and dresses in winter, feels good...
(if, a little Mortia Adams)

(Skirt Topshop // Denim Jacket Lee // Snood Zara // Bag Stella McCartney //
Gloves and Jumper both 'adopted')

Jane Birkin Style

P.s. In fashionland she is not just a pretty face - she mothered Lou Doillon and Charlotte Gainsbourg, absolute style supernovas. Not to mention the fact that she is the namesake of the fashions most exclusive bag, the Hermes Birkin - which to be honest seems a bit odd for a woman most famed for carrying a wicker basket everywhere...
Nevermind, I love her.

Anyone else thinking Alexa may have taken a rather sizable dose of inspiration from her...?
And look, *the* hairstyle of the year, probably being rocked by her circa mid-seventies.
What a style queen.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Roll On Sunday

My classmates and nearest 'n dearest are acutely aware that right now the name ASOS is likely to make me shudder. This is nothing personal to the online superstore, but due to being in the midst of final major BA Fashion Management exams based entirely around ASOS as a case study company.

Whilst I thought I'd never ever ever want to see, hear, write or speak their name again, I'm actually really looking forward to this Sunday when their new ASOS Africia collection launches. You can read the general blurb on how it's been produced in collaboration with small communities with the aim of supporting African trade and producing 'clear-conscious' fashion here.

The ethical credentials are all well and good, and certainly an issue after my own heart, but I'm actually more excited by the design vibrancy of the collection. I am absolutely loving the general aesthetic of the range, and am having difficulties deciding which piece to treat myself to (end of exams + grey rubbish weather = little spring/summer fashion treat for Bambam).

Any faves out of this lot...?

Monday, 15 February 2010

Summer Dreams

The only way to get through grey February days that contain nothing but revision for looming exams is to drift off into summer loving day dreams, pretty much on an hourly basis. Today, these dreams have seen me wafting around in either of these fabulous Matthew Williamson creations that have just landed on Net-a-Porter. I've long suspected that I had a craving for flimsy, technicoloured silky numbers, and todays fantasies have confirmed this. Shame I don't have a few hundred pounds lying around, eh...? Maybe one day!

Fashion lords, please bestow the high-street with a very very good replica (aka rip-off) of these....
Muchos gracias.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

RIP McQueen

It is with great sadness and shock I've just come to hear that the legendary Alexander McQueen has committed suicide. His unique and fearless vision will be sorely missed, and I expect the fashion industry will be left reeling from his departure for some time. It remains to be seen what will happen to his label, as without his mad genius at the helm I suspect the name may not carry the same lust.
This is a sad day for all those he has inspired and entertained. My thoughts and love go out to his family, friends and staff.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Clog Off 2 - Grandma Knows Best

Just spotted this in the Elle Accessories supplement and thought that after the last post it was worth a share. I think this is the most thorough and obvious shopping spread I've seen dedicated to the clog yet. There's no beating round the bush - just a clear message that might as well say 'every shop is going to have a clog - which is the least offensive...?'

Personally, if any of these were to sway me it would be one of the more traditional styles, probably the navy or the brown, bottom row, 3rd and 4th across. I am saying this purely as back up so, that if come the highs of summer I've magically been persuaded by seeing multiple fashionistas pull them off with aplomb, a change of team can't be held against me.

PS. Grandma Knows Best...

After reading my last post on clogs I received the most brilliant and witty advice from my extraordinarily on-beat Grandma on the topic of clogs:

"Clogs are an ideal weapon for 'wayward' teenagers, adding weight and noise to their outbursts and tirades. In fact, the ideal weapon against 'horrid' parents!!!!!!! I suspect that you would have loved a pair!"

Very valid point Grandma x

Friday, 5 February 2010

Clog Off

I have been attempting to resist joining the argument about clogs for some time now. Every blogger under the sun has under picked their side and fought for it. It's old news now that SS10 will be awash with clog and cloggy hybrids after been shown on a number of catwalks. Disney Roller Girl has been on 'clog-watch' for quite some time, demonstrating the vileness of some of the high street versions that she has spotted at press preview days.

I was going to stay firmly out of this one until I saw the fabulous Garance Dores post on them today. Please check out her tirade (click here) - it is amazing, and exactly what I would say if I wasn't keeping my big trap zipped on this subject.

Having said that though, I am sort of loving the below Miu Miu pair. Yes, they are awful, borderline disgusting even, but their irony and kitchness is too great to resist. I feel they would make my feet and summer complete, but I shall resist, if only to avoid my friends vomiting on my tootsies.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Emma Watson for People Tree

I feel that before I start this tirade I should remind you all that Bambam hates to hate. Where ever possible she finds good not bad, and is scared of spreading negative vibes that might come back and bite her on the bum. I have included this disclaimer because I am concerned I may not be able to stop myself being a tad vicious in this post. Apologies in advance...

This week saw the unveiling of Harry Potter actress and Burberry muse/model Emma Watson's new 'youth' fashion collection for ethical UK based company, People Tree. I shan't beat around the bush - its pretty awful. It's a cheap looking, naffly preppy, mish-mash of some awful bits that I wouldn't even want to sleep in. The photos below actually do it a service - obviously putting product on the young and beautiful always improves its lustability factor. To get a better idea of seriously lackluster (and almost painful to view) collection you can click here and have a little browse.

The reasoning behind Miss Watsons collection: "Its hard to find fashionable or youthful ethical clothing, so I decided to work with People Tree to put together a collection I could be proud of in terms of both on ethics and design."

Actually, Love, it isn't hard to find 'cool' ethical clothing anymore, but I'm guessing you've never tried. Secondly, are you really proud of the design...? I know it's your first attempt but it really is dire.

Now let me be honest. Emma Watson has always grated on me for no particularly good reason. I do not not not not not understand the fashion industry's fascination with her or why Burberry give two hoots about her, let alone love her the way they do. And I say that with insider knowledge having done an interning stint in their press office around the time they began courting her... They could not love her more. I find it incomprehensible. Alas. However, it is partly her close relationship with Burberry that really gets my tail up about this People Tree collection...

Burberry is frequently under attack from animal rights activists for the poor treatment of the animals that become their fur and leather garments. They are hardly known for their kind or ethical stance. Having their campaign fronting, poster girl who undoubtedly will have worn Burberry fur and leather on many occasions, release an 'ethical' collection is just a bit ridiculous really.

I am going to stop my angry rant here. I'm sure you get the picture.

My condolences go out to People Tree for this poorly considered collaboration.