Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Pacman Power

I think these Pacman and Ms.Pacman rings might be the best thing I've ever seen...
Available from Etsy, custom made to order and at a pretty reasonable price.
Tip off from the fabulous 'He' at Fashion by HE.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

T Time - Wildfox Couture

Who doesn't like a soft sloppy T to roam around in? Especially when they look as good as this...

I've been noticing some of these designs on scenesters and celebrities for a while but have only just discovered they are be LA based hipster brand Wildfox Couture. I've now decided I definitely need at least one in my life. And one I get my hands on one, don't expect to see me in much else for quite some time... Apologies in advance if I begin to smell.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

The Heat is On

(Jacket Miss Selfridge // Trousers Topshop // Boots Ted Baker // Bag Villa // Hat and Gloves both 'adopted' // Skull Necklace Alexander McQueen // Heart Necklace Vintage )

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Amazing TV

Nope, not crappy Christmas telly with the standard Albert Square death and betrayal, but super hot Melbourne brand, TV - my latest discovery equating in a massive crush. Designed by friends and fellow graduates Monika Tywanek and Ingrid Verner (EDIT: not MY personal friends and graduates, each others....), TV appears to be in its fifth season and gaining quite the coverage in its native Australia, and luckily for us Brits is available to order from Amelie Boutique.

I love the juxtaposition of the grungy, over-sized beige 'sloppies' against the super sexy, dark and angular looks. I myself tend to veer towards one or the other, and rarely find a middle ground so find myself relating on a personal level to this collection.

It would be interesting to know how this pair designs - does each girl design her own looks, or do they collaborate together on each piece...? I ask, as the general aesthetic and vibe clearly falls in to two distinct concepts and I would love to know if that is in fact a reflection of the two individual designers or a considered brand vision? Hmmm....

Either way, I'm sold.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Santa baby...

I want ring-shaped bling for Christmas please...

(including, but certainly not limited to:)

Monica Vinider interstackable - £255

Isharya £115

Burberry £95

YSL £115

Monica Vinader £265

Monica Vinader £85

Well a girl can dream, can't she...?

P.S In case Santa does actually happen to read this and take me seriously, then they are all available at good old Net-a-porter.

Friday, 11 December 2009

Too True Shulman

"Vogue is not my personal taste, really. I think of it more as a kind of newspaper. It's reporting on what's out there, to some extent, with me editing."

Alexandra Shulman (Editor of UK Vogue) as quoted in The Guardian.

I used to be an avid UK Vogue reader and truly relish the lazy afternoon each month I would spend reading it cover to cover, drifting in and out of fashion-filled fantasies. Somewhere along the way in the last 18 months, I have entirely abandoned this little luxury.

It is difficult to place my finger on exactly where my love affair went wrong (isn't it always...?) but in basic terms I no longer felt inspired by Vogue. In fact, I began, more and more often, to come away a bit peeved at certain articles and editorials, to the extent where now we have suffered a rather messy break-up.

As always with break-ups, you question yourself and your judgement on the matter, so to see that the exes Editor in Chief appears to agree with my concerns is quite a relief...

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Grey Gardens, much...?

(Jacket Vintage Anna Sui // Button down T from Topman // Leggings from Urban Outfitters //
Boots by Poetic License // Bag Vintage Dior // Knitted Headband Topshop // Leather Necklace by Made)

Without deliberately meaning to, I clearly channelled Little Edie from Grey Gardens whilst getting dressed today. If you haven't seen either the original documentary or the recent film remake (featuring Drew Barrymore as a surprisingly realistic little Edie), you simply have to. It's a fascinating and peculiar story involving intriguing and unlikely style icons.
Go find it and enjoy x

Friday, 4 December 2009

SHOWstudio Fashion Revolution

So today I finally made it down to Nick Knight's SHOWstudio Fashion Revolution exhibition at Somerset House and it was AMAZING! I literally spent hours wondering around, truly fascinated by everything, engrossed in multiple interactive exhibitions, video installations, captivating images and viewing a live Nick Knight photoshoot. Scroll down to see Nick Knight photographing Vivienne Westwood and boyfriend Andreas live today, and for a very amusing viedo of yours truly, along with other bits and bobs to give you general jist.
The exhibition ends in a few weeks, and I could not recommend seeing it enough - get down there and enjoy the inspirational genius that is the legendary Nick Knight and his SHOWstudio concept.

"Live Studio: Allowing the public a unique insight into the workings of the photographic studio, this Live Studio space will be used by world-renowned fashion image makers."
This was potentially one of the most engrossing and fascinating things I have seen at an exhibition - a genuine photostudio that you view through a glass wall (the other side is mirrored so as not to distract the subjects). After weeks of putting off visiting Fashion Revolution, my timing today couldn't have been more perfect - I arrived in time to see Nick Knight photograph Dame Viv and her man, aswell as other influential Londoners/ fashion peeps such as Jodie Harsh and Bernhard Willhelm.

"Every visitor to the SHOWstudio: Fashion Revolution exhibition is invited to participation a ‘virtual casting session’, by recording their individual look and vital statistics when prompted by the Casting interactive. From the video submissions received, the final selections will be made for models to participate in a range of shoots to be staged in the exhibition's Live Studio space and in Simon Foxton's Sittings installation."

Feel free to laugh at me making a bit of a numpty of myself above...
Yes, I did mishear the word 'height' for 'hide', and yes, I'm not sure what colour my hair or eyes are, or what it is I love in life...
But, alas, I'm no good at improvising, or being filmed.
And once it's done, it's done - there's no option to delete, edit or rerecord and it automatically goes straight online, available here . I can see the funny side though, and don't mind being the clown (I'm used to it by now!)

Go, go, go, go, goooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Disco Pants

My new favourite thing:

Spangly hotpants a.k.a my new disco pants.
If you can't wear multi-coloured patterned sequin hotpants when you're 23, when can you? I made a pact with myself this summer to enjoy my age and my youthful figure and have been enjoying slightly inappropriate clothes ever since.

And boy did I disco the night I wore these (I also slipped down a bowling lane, but that is a different story all together...)

Available here

Emma Cook Sample Sale

Found this gem of a tip-off on Topshops Inside Out Blog earlier.

I'll definitely be checking it out on Friday - see you there. . . ?

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Yeah yeah yeah!

I wasn't one of the lucky ones wathing the Yeah Yeah Yeahs at Brixton Academy yesterday, but have already heard amazing reviews. Karen O is an absolute fashion legend, and this post is purely in homage to her absolutely unrivalled style and confidence. Long live the Queen of the Stage.