Friday, 30 October 2009

Potential Perfection...

There can be nothing remotely new about loving girl of the moment Dree Hemingway, however I have succumbed. For me personally, it is her spot-on-zeitgeistness - an effortless casual elegance that only a mere few are blessed with.
Not to mention she possesses what I believe to be the ultimate head of hair... of which you can only get a sneaky-peak from my collaging skills (whilst chopping her head off was originally unintentional, I do believe to get a true idea of someones style, the fairest way is to ignore their face as beauty has unbelievable powers of persuasion when it comes to the judgement stakes).
Add into the equation that she is the great-granddaughter of the incredible Ernest Hemingway (one of my favourite ways of spending any lazy days that come my way) - and BANG (or bambam as I would have it) - near perfection is realised.

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