Monday, 2 November 2009

All Hail Queen Stella

So, I am more than a wee bit excited by the launch of the Stella McCartney for GapKids collaboration tomorrow (UK this is, I believe the US have been blessed with it a day earlier).

Now, in order to grasp my excitement I have a couple of confessions:

a) I am openly unhealthy obsessed with Stella. Her brand, her ethos, her style, her wearable collections, her collaborations with artists, her runway music choices, her store designs... the whole entity to me is perfect.

b) I am pretty much the size of a child - 5'2" and size XS - and I haven't grown since I was eleven (not too sure what happened to my second growth spurt, it just never happened), resulting in me generally fitting the size XL Gap Kids collections.

The above two points explain why it is I'll be hitting Gap at the first opportunity tomorrow, praying that there are still XL items available. In particular I want the cashmere grey hoodie and leopard face jumper.(a blatent rip-off from the mainline AW09 collection)... mmmm, snuggly Stella goodness....

Additionally I would like to express my massive love of the use of blow-up dinosaurs in the lookbook images, and the cute fluffy animals in the campaign images. Again, I have an unhealthy obsession with both (dinosaurs and fluffy animals) - and also love oggling little kids (not in a perverted way I hope you understand!).

TOO CUTE! I'm getting warm fzzy butterflies just looking at these images.

Go Stella! x

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