Monday, 11 January 2010

Before the snow came the frost

I've spent the best part of the last week hibernating as much as possible, occasionally stumbling out the house looking like a rather over-weight vagrant chav in my 'snow-proof' layers and parka. I must say it is beginning to get a bit tiresome.
The snow is still falling, the cold is biting and I generally look like poo. However, I am putting my eternal optimism towards thoughts of a few days from now when potentially I can get back to dressing how I feel, not how I need. I just came across these pictures taken a day before the snow came and it was refreshing for me to remember that dressing in winter isn't always as irksome as it feels right now.

(Coat, Striped Sweater, Bag and Boots all Vintage // Jeans from Topshop // Give Love ring by Agnes B // Turquoise ring from Cornish gift shop // Necklaces by Made)

Photos by Marissa

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