Sunday, 24 January 2010

Go Grazia!

Big, big apologies for my extended absence. Whilst I shan't bother to excuse myself and explain, I shall say that in my absence I have still been collecting and gathering bits and bobs I deem share-worthy. I will attempt this week to catch-up here on my fashion musings of the past ten days, hopefully without repeating too much old news. I'll be better in future, I promise :-)

First delayed musing of the past week:
UK Grazia Editorial (Last weeks issues: 18th Jan 2010)

Whilst I am a fairly avid reader of UK Grazia, I have always found their Editorial fashion shoots to be shockingly under-par. I happily devour the shopping pages, celeb gossip and articles only to skip straight through the editorials, which in most fashion magazines is the mecca, the holy grail, the soul of the magazine.
However, for the past couple of issues I've been intrigued to find myself genuinely impressed with them. Take for example the above scans - these shots are so ethereal and dreamy I don't believe they'd be out of place in an Editorial super-mag such as Lula. The week previous to this particular shoot was also fantastic compared with usual.
Unfortunately, being a cheapy easy read I do not keep backcopies so am unable to flick back to discover whether they have a new fashion editor responsible for this sudden surge in quality.
However, I am now going to make it my mission to find evidence of the previous issues editorial to demonstrate the loveliness, and any clues that will help solve this puzzle.
Wish me luck.
And watch this space.


  1. yea, that editorial is so pretty! Ya know, i love reading your blog, but I feel like the only one! :( anyways, have a nice day - maddie

  2. Ahhh thanks maddie, thats lovely to know. Whilst I may not get many comments or followers, my blogpatrol statistics programme does let me know that Im getting a lot of views so that keeps my spirits high, along with your nice feedback :-)

    Take care x

  3. ohhhhh I read it and i think its fabulous. I am just rather terrible at commenting, lets hope this post works anyway.
    - daisy x


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