Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Rock n Roll Supermodel

Georgina Jagger in i-D's Winter Issue:

In my pile of belated stuff to share was this i-D magazine shoot with celebrity offspring Georgina May Jagger. With Rolling Stone Mick Jagger as your daddy and supermodel Jerry Hall as mummy its absolutely no surprise that at just 17 Georgina is en route to becoming a bona-fide model IT girl. Seems that every teen celebrity offspring under the sun falls into the model/ musician/ photographer bracket, whether possessed with looks and talent, or not. However, in mini Jaggers case I feel it's totally justified.
Her looks and persona are unique and arresting, interesting and charming. Her funny little face, such a combination of gawky boy and sultry lady, fascinate me - although I must admit the open-mouth gappy-toothed stare does get a bit repetitive, but alas, no-one's perfect. Apart from my general appreciation of Georgina this shoot caught my eye due to fresh approach to styling, I love how its a touch undone and looks almost like they let the 17 year old have free reign of the samples closet. Also, anything that has a touch of Alabama Worely from True Romance about it is going to get my vote.

In case you are not yet won over, let me ask, can you resist being charmed when you read these two quotes from the accompanying interview...?
'What do you consider to be your best feature, and why?'
I like my elbows and knees, because they bend.
'Whats the luckiest thing that's ever happened to you?'
This morning I found a five-pound note on the street with a ladybug on it, I think that's pretty lucky.

What a girl.

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  1. This is a great post. I completely agree with everythng you said - with her parents it would have been cruel of mother-nature to make her any less beautiful!

    Will definately be keeping an eye on her (and hopefully she bypasses the rehab stage that seems to go with the it-girl territory!)

    What a girl indeed.

    - s & a


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