Thursday, 17 December 2009

T Time - Wildfox Couture

Who doesn't like a soft sloppy T to roam around in? Especially when they look as good as this...

I've been noticing some of these designs on scenesters and celebrities for a while but have only just discovered they are be LA based hipster brand Wildfox Couture. I've now decided I definitely need at least one in my life. And one I get my hands on one, don't expect to see me in much else for quite some time... Apologies in advance if I begin to smell.


  1. oh my god, i have so seen these tees, and i am so getting one for me too... unless they are copied already... theres a neat place just off carnaby street.... new years present i feel...

  2. I simply adore wildfox. They rock.
    Great blog! xxx

  3. super cute! i have a CC logo tee that says CHANAZL (Chanazl!) that I adore. last night I got a little inspired and cut it to a cropped length. it's raining where i am this morning but if it clears up i'll do an outfit post. bring on the sunshine!

    love your blog, you have great style x

  4. cute blog! xo

  5. Love these t shirts <3

  6. ohh, wild fox is mad.
    their skeleton t-shirt is the greatest.

    - s & a


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