Thursday, 10 December 2009

Grey Gardens, much...?

(Jacket Vintage Anna Sui // Button down T from Topman // Leggings from Urban Outfitters //
Boots by Poetic License // Bag Vintage Dior // Knitted Headband Topshop // Leather Necklace by Made)

Without deliberately meaning to, I clearly channelled Little Edie from Grey Gardens whilst getting dressed today. If you haven't seen either the original documentary or the recent film remake (featuring Drew Barrymore as a surprisingly realistic little Edie), you simply have to. It's a fascinating and peculiar story involving intriguing and unlikely style icons.
Go find it and enjoy x


  1. I love love love Grey Gardens. I'm secretly hoping my life while reel of on some tangent so I can have their hotch-potch crazy life for myself.

    Much Xmas love


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