Monday, 29 March 2010

Hi-top Aversion Therapy

So, something weird has been happening... I've been lusting after a pair of hi-top trainers for a while now. I thought this phase would pass, but no.
In case you haven't got to know me yet, I am more your typical heels girl. The only pair of trainers I've owned in about 6 years are my Stella McCartney for Adidas running shoes -which, incidentally, have only hit the pavement a grand total of... once. Yep, fitness is not my forte. Neither is walking in flat shoes. Nor looking in any way 'street'. So the logic behind my desire is somewhat hazy, even to me. Try as I might I can find no explanation, but the lust is still there...
To the extent where, unable to sleep this evening (damn clock changing... although on that note, wasn't it nice to have a longer evening today!??? Mmmm, yes, delightful) I thought I would play on Nike ID and design myself a hideous pair of Bambam Chic high-tops. Like aversion therapy. I think it may have worked, in which case - hazzah! I blame the black/pink/white combo on reminding me too much of my first pair of Etnies, circa 1998.
Hideous, non?

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  1. HAHA i laughed so hard throughout this...because what you've described is pretty much me in a nutshell too. right down to the etnies (ohhh dear)!


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