Friday, 5 March 2010

Tribal Times

Eagle-eyed readers may recall a few weeks back I was getting rather excited about the Asos Africa launch. Well, Bambam managed to forget her excitement and ended up missing the boat. By the time I remembered, there were only a few bits left, none of which took my fancy. Alas.
Ahhh, but a happy ending awaits!
Browsing in my favourite vintage mecca, The East End Thrift Store (I live a dangerous hop, skip and jump away from it...) a couple of days ago I came across this little beaut on the playsuit rail. £25 later and its my new favourite thing EVER. I'm like a child with a new fancy dress outfit. Infact, my love is so intense, I've worn it out on two consecutive nights - absolutely unheard of for me.
In celebration and preparation for spring, who first day has definitely arrived, I plan to go back and pick up another (there were just a few tribal print playsuits left on the rail... race you there). And soon enough I'll be swanning around in the park, bare-limbed and full of sunshiny happiness.


  1. OOOH,love it, love the tribals!!Like the shoe/boots too, ace outfit!x

  2. ahh, thanks lover! the piccy doesnt quite do it justice, but its definately a winner xx


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