Saturday, 6 March 2010

Uh-oh, Balmain

Oh dear. Balmain has done it again. Clearly not content with inspiring 3 seasons of high-street rip offs, Christophe Decarnin has once again produced a collection easy enough for the mass market to pinch.
Whilst there is generally nothing wrong with this perfectly average cycle of fashion trickling down, my main issue with Balmainesque inspired rip-offs are that they translate so poorly. To be frank, they tend to come out looking cheap and slutty. Even in the luxe fabrics on the worlds most incredible models, some of these original little numbers run the risk of being a tad too Kat Slater.
For this collection, Decarnin appears to have concentrated on the gold mini-dress. Hmmm. Like we don't see enough gold 'Christmas Party Dresses' each year on our UK high street already. This year will just be painful - especially if the retailers decide to keep to indecent length to go with the ever so classy (sarc) fabric. I can see the French Connection and Topshop AW2010 Xmas campaigns already. Standard. Worse still, I can see the girls who will be squeezing into them and wobbling around. Not a pleasant sight.
And I shall blame Christophe Decarnin at Balmain. Because he will be accountable, as the trend trail will lead back to this gold-tastic collections. Be warned.

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  1. Yeahy someone else who is utterly bored with Balmain! I feel like I see it every single day on every single style inept female who holds Victoria Beckham as her style icon. Uninspiring and sad. x

  2. Haha ne'er a truer word spoken.

    Will happily bid adieu to the balmain craze and all it's knockoffs...

    - s & a

  3. its*

    (brilliant grammar...!)


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