Thursday, 4 February 2010

Emma Watson for People Tree

I feel that before I start this tirade I should remind you all that Bambam hates to hate. Where ever possible she finds good not bad, and is scared of spreading negative vibes that might come back and bite her on the bum. I have included this disclaimer because I am concerned I may not be able to stop myself being a tad vicious in this post. Apologies in advance...

This week saw the unveiling of Harry Potter actress and Burberry muse/model Emma Watson's new 'youth' fashion collection for ethical UK based company, People Tree. I shan't beat around the bush - its pretty awful. It's a cheap looking, naffly preppy, mish-mash of some awful bits that I wouldn't even want to sleep in. The photos below actually do it a service - obviously putting product on the young and beautiful always improves its lustability factor. To get a better idea of seriously lackluster (and almost painful to view) collection you can click here and have a little browse.

The reasoning behind Miss Watsons collection: "Its hard to find fashionable or youthful ethical clothing, so I decided to work with People Tree to put together a collection I could be proud of in terms of both on ethics and design."

Actually, Love, it isn't hard to find 'cool' ethical clothing anymore, but I'm guessing you've never tried. Secondly, are you really proud of the design...? I know it's your first attempt but it really is dire.

Now let me be honest. Emma Watson has always grated on me for no particularly good reason. I do not not not not not understand the fashion industry's fascination with her or why Burberry give two hoots about her, let alone love her the way they do. And I say that with insider knowledge having done an interning stint in their press office around the time they began courting her... They could not love her more. I find it incomprehensible. Alas. However, it is partly her close relationship with Burberry that really gets my tail up about this People Tree collection...

Burberry is frequently under attack from animal rights activists for the poor treatment of the animals that become their fur and leather garments. They are hardly known for their kind or ethical stance. Having their campaign fronting, poster girl who undoubtedly will have worn Burberry fur and leather on many occasions, release an 'ethical' collection is just a bit ridiculous really.

I am going to stop my angry rant here. I'm sure you get the picture.

My condolences go out to People Tree for this poorly considered collaboration.


  1. oh my, this girl! i seriously dont get it either... what is so fantastic about her?? although i have to admit, photos of her arent as bad as when she speaks, so we have to be thankful for this... the people tree collection isnt great, and they all look bored...... bambam i could rant too, but as like you i will have to bring myself in.... she just has an uncanny thing about her that she just grates on you for no apparent reason... urgh! well said bambam!

  2. Well done, she is a tool. ethical clothing is accessible and cool. AA is 100% ethical and vertically integrated, she just got a publicist to give it the blurb. Sad that she thought people wouldn't notice.


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