Monday, 8 February 2010

Clog Off 2 - Grandma Knows Best

Just spotted this in the Elle Accessories supplement and thought that after the last post it was worth a share. I think this is the most thorough and obvious shopping spread I've seen dedicated to the clog yet. There's no beating round the bush - just a clear message that might as well say 'every shop is going to have a clog - which is the least offensive...?'

Personally, if any of these were to sway me it would be one of the more traditional styles, probably the navy or the brown, bottom row, 3rd and 4th across. I am saying this purely as back up so, that if come the highs of summer I've magically been persuaded by seeing multiple fashionistas pull them off with aplomb, a change of team can't be held against me.

PS. Grandma Knows Best...

After reading my last post on clogs I received the most brilliant and witty advice from my extraordinarily on-beat Grandma on the topic of clogs:

"Clogs are an ideal weapon for 'wayward' teenagers, adding weight and noise to their outbursts and tirades. In fact, the ideal weapon against 'horrid' parents!!!!!!! I suspect that you would have loved a pair!"

Very valid point Grandma x


  1. I don't think it is possible for anyone to love clogs as much as we. I am sort of consumed by them. I want the Gerard Darel pair, or the KG or the Office; traditional is best all the way.

    Please please oh Lord of fashion bestow me with clogs, I think my life would be complete.

    Much Loves

  2. I meant me not we...its been a long day. xx


    Nat Cat


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