Friday, 5 February 2010

Clog Off

I have been attempting to resist joining the argument about clogs for some time now. Every blogger under the sun has under picked their side and fought for it. It's old news now that SS10 will be awash with clog and cloggy hybrids after been shown on a number of catwalks. Disney Roller Girl has been on 'clog-watch' for quite some time, demonstrating the vileness of some of the high street versions that she has spotted at press preview days.

I was going to stay firmly out of this one until I saw the fabulous Garance Dores post on them today. Please check out her tirade (click here) - it is amazing, and exactly what I would say if I wasn't keeping my big trap zipped on this subject.

Having said that though, I am sort of loving the below Miu Miu pair. Yes, they are awful, borderline disgusting even, but their irony and kitchness is too great to resist. I feel they would make my feet and summer complete, but I shall resist, if only to avoid my friends vomiting on my tootsies.

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  1. clogs seem so practical in comparison to the stiletto - i'm so relieved fashion is getting mildly sensible, haha.

    wonderful blog bambam

    - s & a


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