Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Roll On Sunday

My classmates and nearest 'n dearest are acutely aware that right now the name ASOS is likely to make me shudder. This is nothing personal to the online superstore, but due to being in the midst of final major BA Fashion Management exams based entirely around ASOS as a case study company.

Whilst I thought I'd never ever ever want to see, hear, write or speak their name again, I'm actually really looking forward to this Sunday when their new ASOS Africia collection launches. You can read the general blurb on how it's been produced in collaboration with small communities with the aim of supporting African trade and producing 'clear-conscious' fashion here.

The ethical credentials are all well and good, and certainly an issue after my own heart, but I'm actually more excited by the design vibrancy of the collection. I am absolutely loving the general aesthetic of the range, and am having difficulties deciding which piece to treat myself to (end of exams + grey rubbish weather = little spring/summer fashion treat for Bambam).

Any faves out of this lot...?


  1. I've been eyeing up these bits and bobs too... so make sure you let me know which piece you decide on! Also, gonna get my sew on as I've got some fabric like this at home :) xx

  2. Also, have a vaguely relevant fashiony point to make here, (wait you'll be impressed!) Check out Suno. Their stuff is very simillar. (you've probably no doubt read suzie bubble's post on this by now and my attempts at trying to be knowledgable are foiled!) xx


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