Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Jane Birkin Style

P.s. In fashionland she is not just a pretty face - she mothered Lou Doillon and Charlotte Gainsbourg, absolute style supernovas. Not to mention the fact that she is the namesake of the fashions most exclusive bag, the Hermes Birkin - which to be honest seems a bit odd for a woman most famed for carrying a wicker basket everywhere...
Nevermind, I love her.

Anyone else thinking Alexa may have taken a rather sizable dose of inspiration from her...?
And look, *the* hairstyle of the year, probably being rocked by her circa mid-seventies.
What a style queen.

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  1. Which also happens to be rocked by a very stylish miss bambam too. Love her, effortless and incredible. Plus who doesn't like a bit of wicker now and then. xx


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