Wednesday, 11 November 2009

BamBam attempts Miu Miu

My dear friend and flatmate, Marissa, enlisted my help for a photoshoot to experiment with colour photography processing (for any eagle-eyed watchers, yes the below are the digital version, not film). The inspiration for this shoot was the Mert and Marcus shot MiuMiu SS09 campaign images featuring Katie Holmes.

Whilst I am clearly no Mrs. Cruise, and she (despite being a fantastic photogrpaher) is no Mert and Marcus, and we have a zero pound zero pence budget unlike super brand Miu Miu who will have splashed tends of thousands, I do believe our dear girl deserves a big round of applause for this.

Some examples of the orginal inspiration:


  1. katie holmes-cruz better watch out your gonna be stealing crown in no time!

    Loving the blog rosie it is wicked, gonna follow you and everything. And I meant that in the most stalker way possible.

    Lots of love steph

    give mine a peep if you can....

  2. its cool, interesting to see how simple playing with light and garment contrast works...

  3. J'adore les deux premières, beau travail de la photographe et magnifique mannequin !!!! Continuez comme ça Mademoiselle Rosie !


  4. Wow!!
    I understand what he says. Proud.

    Next assignment..Westwood ads, I can be your Pamela Anderson

  5. What would your grandma say???


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