Friday, 20 November 2009

Dull Days

(Alpaca Jacket by Vanessa Bruno Athe// Leopard Print T H&M// Leggings American Apparel//
Boots by Poetic License// Scarf Topshop// Bag Jigsaw// Rings - chunky gold Calvin Klein, all other gifted or vintage// Brolly - found!)

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  1. Fab scarf!! Who would have thought that Topshop would be able to make a fortune from something that I knitted in the last European War? I may be your oldest fan, and possibly most devoted, but I do have to say that mustard is possibly not my favourite autumn colour. Fashion suggestion: Topshop should grade the length of their scarves according to the height of the person. May I just remind you of the tale of Isadora Duncan who, in the days when sports cars had wire wheels tossed her long, and glorious , scarf nonchantly across her throat and across her shoulder. Its fantastic length entangled itself in the wheel and as her passionate lover accelerated the scarf, unfortunately, became a noose. The moral of this story for the 'modern miss' is that oversized accessories should carry a health warning.


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