Tuesday, 24 November 2009

A Very Stella Christmas

I had the great pleasure last night of attending the annual Christmas Lights turn-on at the Stella McCartney London store. And boy, what a night! Every year the Stella Team choose the most fantastic acts to perform and this year was no expection. We were treated to the delight that is the Mighty Boosh - comedy geniuses. And it was no run of the mill Boosh routine... oh no ladies and gents. We had them serenading us with heavy metal Christmas carols dressed as grannies (apart from dear Fielding who was more Marilyn Monroe-esque and enjoyed flashing his gusset).
Generally I find fashion parties a bit dull and repetitive, but trust Stella to come up with something fun, quirky, original yet accessible. Bravo!
Champagne + hot chocolate + mince pies + candy canes + Stella fashion + the Boosh + a santa attired one-man-band + celebrity guests ahoy = one bloody brilliant fashion party.

Stella with the Boosh boys on-stage.

N.B - Noel Fielding makes a surprisingly hot female...

Santa one-man-band. Immense.

Thought I'd throw this pic in of the amazing Pam Hogg in due her incredible, but slightly un-PC (considering the hostess) fur coat.

P.S - Noel has fantastic feminine legs and stella was looking hot to trot...



  1. Wow, I'm surprised Stella let her in in that coat... IF it's real. Is it though?

  2. It certainly appeared to be real, but no-one wanted to ask... Awkward! PRs nightmare, eh?? x


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