Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Grandma Knows Best (Installment 1)

I have the luck of being blessed with a fantastic Grandma who not only stays in touch via the modern form of email, but also ensures most of her emails contain some sort of fashion musing. In what will become a regular feature of my blog I will be sharing some of her wisdom and thoughts on the worlds of style and fashion.

This week the topic was Kitten Heels...

"What a relief to read the fashion pages of The Telegraph this morning! Kitten heels are back in fashion - thank goodness! I had the feeling that we were all expected to look like Puss in Boots, or principal boys in pantomime. Thigh high boots are only for the tall and slender, not for the average person. I believe that both articles were written by the same person - but one would never have guessed, or perhaps, have been expected to remember over a period of two weeks or more."

I must point out that I am aware that the above shoe image does not quite constitute a 'kitten' heel per say. However, it is the closest thing that I can find that makes me nod my head in agreement with my darling Grandma and think 'mmmmmmmmm, I like you, purrrrrr'. For the record the aforementioned shoe is a Topshop number with the rather unsexy name of 'Jonah' and can be found here.
I do agree with her however that Thigh High boots really aren't for the average soul - being 5'2" I look bloody ridiculous in any boot that goes above my knee and whimper with jealously at the leggy fashion queens who can pull them off.
Oh the injustice of being a midget.

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  1. Thigh high boots are wonderful - except the really long ones chafe at the top. Personally I prefer the just over the knee sort as they slenderise the upper leg. Mind you I rather like a man in them. At the risk of disclosing this great aunt's age does anyone out their remember Adam and the Ants "stand and deliver" or "prince charming". men in eyeliner maybe demode now but they're the dreams of my youth


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