Sunday, 8 November 2009

An Unexpected Inspiration...

I blame the dark winter nights for my recent obsession de jour, which some would claim to be embarrassing, however I have no such qualms 'fessing up...

(For any Twilight geeks - give it up, your vampires are lame and you need an urgent upgrade to the Buffmeister.)

Yep, with my man out of the country, me and my flatmate are spending our evenings engrossed in Buffy DVD boxset action and cider. Back in the day (circa late 90's) I was as much of a fan as the next person. Skip on ten years and what was great has turned to pure gold. The irony! The iconicness! The angst! And most importantly - the outfits.

Any good fashionista who's done her homework knows that both this season and next are moving away from the 1980's trends and concentrating more on a 1990's spin on things. In particular, sugary sweet pastels will be making a comeback, which to be honest after such a Gothic season dominated by black lace and velvet will be quite a relief.

The show really is the epitome of the 90's and therefore demonstrates the up and coming trends in all their former glory. Let Evil Fighting Highschoolers of 1997 show us in 2009/10 their fashinable ways...

Case in point 1 - Buffy rocking satin pastels
Case in point 2 - Cordelia rocking leopard print
Case in point 3 - Willow rocking a bright and beautiful abstract floral print skirt

N.B: Whilst mini skirts are currently in fashion they still tend to veer towards the 80's shapes (namely bodycon, puffball etc) ... One of the 90's trends I'm most looking forward to hitting the stores are proper A-line minis - infinitely classier and so much fresher. The Buffy crew above are showing off what I consider to be perfect minis in terms of length and shape. These will soooooooo be hitting Topshop SS10, mark my words!

Eeeekk, I absolutely love this number which ticks a multitude of SS10 trends on terms of colour and pattern. Whilst we saw less maxi-dresses parading down the catwalk I would bet my bottom dollar that the shops will still be full of them come next summer and that they will continue to sell by the bucketload.

And although I have yet to convert to the idea, the shoes are also going to be making a reappearance... sensible, corky, cloggy and mid-wedge shoes in neutral shades were shown across a number catwalks including the holy grail - Chanel.

Check out Willows dungaree's and attempt not to laugh because believe me or not, these badboys are also going to be making a comeback. As this report over at illustrates a plethora of designers including the likes of Ralph Lauren, Roberto Cavalli, Chloe, Louise Grey, Jean Paul Gautlier, Charles Anastase and Nicole Fahri (and that's only a few of them!) are all in support and have shown them for SS10.

Buckle up and enjoy reliving your childhood - but get used to men questioning them - this is definitely a trend they will not understand!

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