Thursday, 26 November 2009

Dreaming of Spring

This high street preview of Oasis' Spring 2010 collection in Drapers last week caught my eye, attention and imagination - and has stayed firmly rooted in my conscience since. The fabrics, colours, prints and general aesthetic really impressed me and sent me on an online hunt for a further sneakypeak. Unfortunately there seems to be a lack of images, but I did manage to find a few snaps on disneyrollergirl's blog which further cemented my interest in this collection.

Now, despite walking past the Oasis flagship store on an almost daily basis, it never crosses my mind to go in. In the past I have generally found their collections to be rather dull, repetitive and over-priced in terms of the quality and design you are paying for. It is due to my negative brand-association that I am so surprised to find myself lusting after not just one, but multiple, Oasis products.
I already had an inkling that I would want to spend next spring summer floating around in floral printed silk or chiffon mini and maxi-dresses, and these preview images are the actualisation of my daydreams. I don't know if maybe I am gradually maturing, but I am finding myself lusting after more effeminate, romantic and quality items that make me feel my most feline and feminine. In fact on my vintage bargain hunting yesterday it was these images that stayed in mind, and I was successful in scoring myself a floral silk maxi-dress (£14 from Beyond Retro) not dissimilar to these little beauts...

(above two images VERY gratefully pinched from disneyrollergirl)

P.S - How perfect are these for the typical summer wedding season conundrum...?? I foresee many, many women up and down Britain breathing a sigh of relief when these images start appearing in the press come the new year.

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  1. love the idea of wearing a flowing maxi dress in summer, my stubby legs don't! whyyy can't someone make mini maxi dresses for us vertically challenged people :D x


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