Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Luella, NOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Its a sad day kids...

As reported on Vogue today the wonderfully quirky yet commercial British designer Luella Bartley has announced that her Luella label has ceased to trade, after her licensee, Club21, has withdrawn their support.

In homage to the lovely lass, here's a selection of my favourite SS10 looks...
(All pictures taken from Style.com)

Me and these trousers want to make love. No, seriously. In all fairness anything taking so much inspiration from Minnie Mouse is going to get my vote, but these truly are incredible.
The colour of this T is literally perfect, makes me drool a bit and curse that a colour so special could never be found on the highstreet Also loving the styling of it against polka-dot and monochrome accessories - it summaries how I appreciate my colour, a subtle splash.

LOVE a bit of black in summer, its so unexpected. Also, who doesn't lust after a truly lady-like tea dress like this to 'lunch' in...?

Yay, its my colour again! I think the combination of it being set off against a neutral 'beige' (yukky word but occasionally fantastic colour) base with a contrasting pop of turquoise is stunning. Top marks. I must note this colour combo in the hope of one day replicating it.

Love the quirkiness of an unnamable nude offset against the spunky yellow head-bow, too too special.

Whilst this collection added nothing new to the Luella archive, to me it was arguably her strongest, most commercial and perfectly styled show to date. This came down to incredible colour combos, an absence of clutter, and fantastically fresh hair, make-up and styling. I think that the whole aesthetic of the show really will be replicated everywhere come next May - and I, for one, can't wait.


  1. its a real wake up call to the industry i think. she always got great press personally and the label.. surely someone will pick her up...

  2. From C21 point of view, Luella situate in a weeker market compare to other brands under the C21 umbrella. No dobut that Mrs Ong would made that decision as she has been well know of her aristocratic and realistic on her investments.
    One example of Mulberry in 2002

    But don't worry, if Luella stuff speak for herself then as tim said, this return would be quick. Since the financial market is flooded with homeless funds now.

  3. I have no doubt someone will pick her up - it'll be very interesting to see who... I can hardly wait x


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