Friday, 27 November 2009

Grandma Knows Best (Installment 2)

My darling Grandma's latest fashion musings, which seem very relevant to the yearly party-season conundrum faced by many:

"I have been tossing up in my mind whether one accepts the invitation first and then buys something to wear, or whether one sees a beautiful garment and deliberately accepts an invitation to justify the indulgence. At the moment I am finding myself in the latter category. I have seen a lovely dress, but if I bought it I should probably wear it only once. Of course, I could then accept one of those invitations which, at the moment, seems irksome!

I believe it to be almost impossible to find a truly beautiful evening dress without splashing cash that is generally beyond my means. For this reason, whilst my wardrobe is more than well stocked in every other area, and combined with a general lack of appropriate occasions, genuinely stunning dresses are almost nil. For this reason I spent a bit of time today, provoked by my Grandma's email, daydreaming and 'browser-shopping' for my perfect gown that in a perfect world I would buy before having an invitation to justify it...

I managed (with difficulty) to narrow it down to just three:

Erdem RW Fall 2009

Dries van Noten RW Fall 2009

Zac Posen RW Fall 2009

(All images gratefully knicked from

All three are timeless, striking, classic and elegant with just a touch of uniqueness. I imagine fastening myself in, taking a breath out and truly feeling invincible and stunning. And that's what a true gown should achieve.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean, finding a beautiful evening dress on a highstreet budget is nearly impossible. Lets just start saving for the Zac Posen dress...sharsies?! Very eloquently written too Miss Rosie. xxx


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